MobileFirst Applications | Case Study


Combat Sports Platform for Tracking, Training & Coaching

Combat Academy, a platform by Onekick Productions Pte Ltd is a Singapore based Sports platform. MobileFirst Applications engaged with Combat Academy team to deliver their multi-platform solutions on effective manner. 

MobileFirst provided project management, technology consulting, iOS native development, Android native development & ReactJS web frontend services.

“Rescue Assignment” – Team MobileFirst engages with teams to deliver half-baked, incomplete projects which need consulting support for go-to-market. We have shipped 8 rescue assignments in past 2 years. Our success ratio of delivering rescue assignment is 100%.

For Combat Academy platform we used TeamWork for project management. We started with 2 weekly team-wide standup calls to bring everything up to speed. Everything was directly committed to Bitbucket Client repositories. We internally call this as ‘Extended Team Model’. We delivered first version of both the mobile apps in 10 weeks sprint. This involves understanding existing issues, new features & growth engineering.



 Progress on technology component building, communication with team members, slow release cycles, poor coding structures.


Standup calls, Build Automation to share daily builds, Direct access to all the stakeholders, Frequent Code Reviews, Deep Linking & Marketing Automation.

Impact Delivered

Our growth Engineering services improved downloads & engagement time on the application. Our extended team model helped founders focus on user traction, marketing & other critical aspects of business, where MobileFirst ensured everything on technology is taken care of.

Combat Academy is premier platform for tracking, coaching and sharing combat sports activities. A complete community for martial artists, coaches and fans. We help athletes of MMA, BJJ, Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling and more

Capture and record workouts or training techniques and easily save and upload them to your Combat Academy account.

Use Combat Academy’s workout tracker to easily track and record your latest session statistics. From takedowns and submission to strikes landed Combat Academy lets you record it all.

Easily analyze your workouts and training with our snapshots and customizable charts.

Tools & Technologies

iOS Development

XCode, Swift, CocoaPods

Bug Tracking System

Instabug, Fabric, UserSnap for Web

Web Development

ReactJS, HTML, Reflux, CSS, Javascript

Android Development

Android Studio, Java, Gradle Project


TeamWork, BitBucket, Skype


MobileFirst also provided growth services to Combat Academy. We have created a ‘Growth Readiness Checklist’ to help companies plan their growth strategy.

Personalised App Experience

We deployed deep linking in social, email & push notifications campaigns. This has helped bring users back to the application more often. We have utilised Deep Linking platform on marketing campaigns as well, this helped us understand user behaviours in better way. Deep Linking helped us to provide personalised app experience to users, and higher app engagement time.

Context Aware Applications

Sharing was most essential part of Combat platform. We deployed Open Graph tags while sharing from mobile & web applications. This generated organic views on social media platforms & communication applications with rich media content. App Indexing with Search API was a key deliverable for our growth service.