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Nightlife Experience based Messenger | Singapore


Growth goal for Prioritii was to increase the organic downloads with the network effect. Bringing customers who will be more inclined to purchase nightlife experiences. Decrease the customer churn & Improve the customer LTV (Life Time Value)


MobileFirst team integrated analytics services to Prioritii platform to understand user behaviour in better way.

To improve the Organic Downloads with the network effect, we preferred cost effective approach of referrals.

This resulted in more users in organic manner. Win-win situation for incentivising users & improving user transactions on platform.

We also understood re-targeting customers with rich media notifications & marketing automation.


  • Organic Downloads with User invitations – These resulted in new users on platform. It helped us reduce marketing spend.
  • More Transactions – Quality of acquired customers were much better in terms of LTV. Over all growth on number of transactions platform. Transacting customers brought their friends & regular party goers to the platforms.
  • Marketing Automation helped improve 20% on total transactions, Customer LTV improved by 8 to 12% on the platform. 




Prioritii Pte Ltd is a nightlife experiences startup based in Singapore. With Prioritii you can browse & purchase unique & hand crafted experiences in & around Singapore with friends. These experiences include sports, food, drinks, yachts & luxury experiences with Concierge support.

Prioritii Experience is based on strong messaging platform which powers stable & uninterrupted communication with friends. Each purchase connects you with Prioritii Concierge service to make it even better.

Referral Credits & Tracking

We utilised Deep Linking framework to track, distribute Referral Credits among the users. Credits could be utilised on the purchases on the platform.

Re-marketing & A/B Testing

With A/B testing & right analytics tools, we were able to identify right time to communicate with users. We communicated on multiple channels to find the right medium. Rich Media push notifications were most suitable for our audience. This has helped us improve the number of transactions on the platform.

Tools & Technologies

iOS Development

XCode, Swift, CocoaPods

Bug Tracking System

Fabric, UserSnap for Web

Web Development

ReactJS, HTML, Reflux, CSS, Javascript

Android Development

Android Studio, Java, Gradle

Project Management

JIRA, Github, Skype