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Wondering who only a few apps are known among users among millions available over Play stores?

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There are 2.2M apps in Apple’s App Store, with quarterly revenues of around $25BN. By combining business objectives and smart technology solutions, you can tap into this market to boost your revenue and establish your brand’s image with a professional user base

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Our team of 60+ UI/UX designers, full-stack developers, quality assurance and business analysts, create custom mobile app solutions for the iOS and Android mobile platforms, combining technical and business acumen to deliver excellent products.

iOS app development - everything you need to know

We build iOS apps using a range of technology stacks. Which one we use will depend on your project specifications.

What is an iPhone app?

iOS stands for iPhone Operating System. iPhone applications are available via Apple’s App Store. Apps developed for iOS are also available on Apple’s other devices, such as iPad and iPod touch.

Benefits of native iOS app development

iOS apps bring in much more revenue than Android apps despite having a smaller market share. In 2019 (Q2), Apple users spent approximately $25bn on apps and in-app purchases.

Accelerate business results with iOS app development

Tap into an established, tech-savvy audience to achieve higher revenue from app development
Benefits of native iOS app development
Custom application development
Custom iOS applications built with Swift or Objective-C to meet your unique business needs
iOS app testing
Rigorous testing and quality assurance to remove glitches and ensure high performance
UX/UI iPhone app design
Intuitive user interfaces and beautiful designs to deliver delightful user experiences
iOS app maintenance
Bug fixes, patching and updates for a robust, secure app and continuously high performance
Accelerate business results with iOS app development
Established user base
Apple’s performance and quality has built a loyal, established user base to deliver apps to.
Data security
Protect against hacking and malware with robust security tools and data encryption.
Tech-savvy audience
iOS cross-device integration attracts tech-savvy users, facilitating market penetration in key areas.
Shorter development time
iOS apps are 28% faster to develop than Android apps, with fewer variables to test against.
Outstanding customer experience
Comprehensive customer support and cohesion between hardware and software make for satisfied users.
Capitalize on the Apple brand
Apple’s world-famous brand delivers a consolidated market and peerless reputation for iOS apps.
Effective testing practices
iOS is proprietary software, which means low fragmentation and easier testing and validation.
High ROI
iOS users spend much more money on apps than Android users, delivering high ROI on app development.


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