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Elevating the Fantasy Sports Experience with Seamless Integration and Customization

SportsFirst collaborated with FleaFlicker on multiple sprint engagements to expand their product offering on the Flutter platform. With our expert assistance, FleaFlicker successfully launched their platform before the start of the season, providing users with a seamless and engaging fantasy sports experience. We have developed a robust white-label solution for creating fantasy league mobile apps and sports competition apps for iOS and Android. Our solution is designed to cater to a variety of sports, including cricket, soccer, and American football leagues.

Key Features of the CaptainU App:
1.Web Dashboard for Player Management
2. Payment Gateway Integration
3. Cross-Platform Support
4.Infinitely Customizable
5.Up-to-the-Second Live Scoring
6.Blockbuster Trades

At SportsFirst, our dedication to innovation and quality has led us to develop state-of-the-art solutions like FleaFlicker. Our expertise in creating engaging and versatile fantasy sports platforms enables users to enjoy a seamless and immersive experience.


Why FealFlicker Academy chose MobileFirst?

  • We provided a aggressive timeframe for go to market

  • Rich past work experience with Fintech products

  • Excellent planning & research before the starting date of a project

  • Utilisation of right Open source technology frameworks to deliver the solution in record time frame

  • Deeper understanding of Invoice Financing & importance of credit score

Tools & Technologies

iOS Development

XCode, Swift, CocoaPods

Bug Tracking System

Fabric, UserSnap for Web

Android Development

Android Studio, Java, Gradle

Project Management

JIRA, Github, Skype