Mobile Application, Sports Technology


Transforming the Landscape of Sports Coaching and Player Development

SportsFirst is proud to have partnered with SixDegreeSports in the development of a robust web platform designed to create dynamic curriculums for rugby players. Our collaboration has resulted in a cutting-edge platform that is being adopted by top-tier teams and organizations, such as American Youth and High School Rugby, as well as New South Wales in Australia.

The SixDegreeSports platform includes the following innovative features:
1. AI-Driven Session Plans
2. Multi-Level Hierarchy of Decision Making
3. Infinitely Customizable
4.Top-Notch Analytics

At SportsFirst, we are committed to driving innovation in sports technology and transforming the way athletes train and develop. Our collaboration with SixDegreeSports demonstrates our dedication to providing groundbreaking solutions that empower sports coaches and players to achieve their highest potential.


Why SixDegreeSports A cademy chose MobileFirst?

  • We provided a aggressive timeframe for go to market

  • Rich past work experience with Fintech products

  • Excellent planning & research before the starting date of a project

  • Utilisation of right Open source technology frameworks to deliver the solution in record time frame

  • Deeper understanding of Invoice Financing & importance of credit score

Tools & Technologies

iOS Development

XCode, Swift, CocoaPods

Bug Tracking System

Fabric, UserSnap for Web

Android Development

Android Studio, Java, Gradle

Project Management

JIRA, Github, Skype