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Family office portfolio management

MobileFirst Applications | Case Study

Portfolio Management Platform

Client: Swimbird AB, Sweden

About Swimbird

Swimbird’s goal is to revolutionize the financial industry through the creation and distribution of cutting-edge, user-friendly technology solutions that are easily implemented and scalable.

One of the company’s standout products, SWAP, is a top choice in Scandinavia for family offices seeking an all-in-one solution for tracking and managing assets and liabilities. Instead of manually inputting data from various sources into spreadsheets, SWAP allows users to easily access and organize this information in one place.

Swimbird is supported by prominent Scandinavian investors in the fintech sector, further testament to the company’s reputation and potential for success in the industry.


For over a year, MobileFirst has partnered with Swimbird to develop and implement crucial features and integrations. Our team at MobileFirst focused on utilizing advanced front-end technologies and ensuring a scalable and user-friendly solution for the company. We are proud to have played a significant role in supporting Swimbird’s growth and success.

Data Collection

Integrate with existing data providers and provide manual entry possibilities for illiquid assets


Generic integration solution makes data collection faster and more reliable than other solutions

User Interfaces

Dynamic portfolio visualization on mobile & desktop screen through charts, graphs, numbers & analytics.

Tools & Technologies

Bug Tracking System

Fabric, UserSnap

Web Development

Angular, HTML, Reflux, CSS, Javascript


Jira, Github, Slack

MobileFirst as an Integration partner

MobileFirst works with Fintech SDK & Platform companies as their integration partner. We integrate payments, banking, lending & wealth APIs. We demonstrate FinTech APIs & SDKs use cases. We create starter kits for developers.

What we do as an integration partner?

– We build POCs & Demos as per the need of Sales, Client success & Partnership teams.

– Our POCs help to demonstrate power of APIs & tech infrastructure.

– Our POCs help teams to onboard new clients faster.
We deploy a dedicated team which learns & acquire deep understanding about the SDK/Platform.

– We work hand-in-hand with your in-house team to achieve common goals.

Who can use this service?

Super Integrators is the offering exclusively made for Fintech API & tech infrastructure companies. Sales, Client success & Partnership teams will get most out of our offering.


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