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Account Reconciliation Platform

In collaboration with Codat

About Codat

Codat is on a mission to make life easier for small businesses by enabling their systems and services to work together seamlessly

Codat work with fintech companies and financial institutions to help them connect to the systems their small business customers use.

Clients of Codat range from lenders to corporate card providers and business forecasting tools, with use cases including automatic reconciliation, business dashboarding, and loan decisioning.

Capabilities a Universal API provider and MobileFirst jointly built a solution which can help Small & Medium businesses reconcile their accounts easily.

B2B payment processes are hugely inefficient.Teams developing products to solve this need to build and maintain deep, two-way integrations with accounting software.

Codat’s bi-directional universal API enables you to reconcile your SMB data into their accounting software as well as enabling you to access the data you need to understand their business.

We implemented following features to demonstrate power of Codat DSK

Integration with wide range of accounting softwares including Quickbook, Freshwork & Sandbox.

Fetching realtime invoices & payment status from the user's accounting software.

Update the account software with the reconciled amount & keep the books up to date.

Tools & Technologies

Bug Tracking System

Instabug, Fabric, UserSnap for Web

Web Development

ReactJS, HTML, Reflux, CSS, Javascript


Jira, Github, Slack

MobileFirst as an Integration partner

MobileFirst works with Fintech SDK & Platform companies as their integration partner. We integrate payments, banking, lending & wealth APIs. We demonstrate FinTech APIs & SDKs use cases. We create starter kits for developers.

What we do as an integration partner?

– We build POCs & Demos as per the need of Sales, Client success & Partnership teams.

– Our POCs help to demonstrate power of APIs & tech infrastructure.

– Our POCs help teams to onboard new clients faster.
We deploy a dedicated team which learns & acquire deep understanding about the SDK/Platform.

– We work hand-in-hand with your in-house team to achieve common goals.

Who can use this service?

Super Integrators is the offering exclusively made for Fintech API & tech infrastructure companies. Sales, Client success & Partnership teams will get most out of our offering.


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