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Simplified payment solution

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Simplified payment solution

Client: Actlien, USA

About Actlien

Actlien is a leading property management company in New York City, which specializes in managing real estate properties on behalf of property owners.

Actlien offer a range of services to property owners, including marketing and advertising properties to potential tenants, conducting background and credit checks on potential tenants, negotiating leases, and handling tenant complaints and concerns. They also handle the day-to-day maintenance and repair of the property, including coordinating with contractors and vendors as needed.


The problem of Actlien was online rent payment gateway charges are too high, causing financial strain and potentially deterring tenants from using this payment method. This issue was affecting the profitability and sustainability of the property management company, as well as the satisfaction and convenience of the tenants.

A solution is needed to address this problem and find a way to reduce or eliminate the high fees associated with online rent payment gateways.

MobileFirst developed a solution that offers flexibility for tenants in selecting the most suitable payment method for their needs. Our solution provides a range of options for tenants to choose from.

PAY BY eCheck

There are NO FEES associated when paying by eCheck. You only need your bank account information!

PAY BY ACH with Plaid

There are NO FEES associated when paying with Plaid. You only need your login creds for your bank!


We accept all major forms of credit and debit cards. This form of payment is subjected to transaction fees!

Tools & Technologies


Plaid, ACHQ, Stripe

Web Development

 HTML, Reflux, CSS, Javascript


Jira, Github, Slack

MobileFirst as an Integration partner

MobileFirst works with Fintech SDK & Platform companies as their integration partner. We integrate payments, banking, lending & wealth APIs. We demonstrate FinTech APIs & SDKs use cases. We create starter kits for developers.

What we do as an integration partner?

– We build POCs & Demos as per the need of Sales, Client success & Partnership teams.

– Our POCs help to demonstrate power of APIs & tech infrastructure.

– Our POCs help teams to onboard new clients faster.
We deploy a dedicated team which learns & acquire deep understanding about the SDK/Platform.

– We work hand-in-hand with your in-house team to achieve common goals.

Who can use this service?

Super Integrators is the offering exclusively made for Fintech API & tech infrastructure companies. Sales, Client success & Partnership teams will get most out of our offering.


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